Welcome to the GOMEX EIS Website

              Welcome to the U.S. Navy's online resource for information concerning the GOMEX Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/ Overseas EIS (OEIS). The purpose of this site is to provide information on the Navy's use of the GOMEX Range Complex, and the Navy's strong commitment to protecting natural resources.


GOMEX Range Complex Training

The GOMEX Range Complex represents an essential combination of sea, land and air space that provides realistic training areas for Navy personnel.


Environmental Stewardship

The Navy manages its air and sea ranges, facilities, and natural resources as integrated training range complexes to be able to meet its current and future requirements while protecting natural and cultural resources and minimizing effects to the environment.

As responsible environmental stewards, the U.S. Navy is concerned about the potential effects of its operations on the environment and is committed to complying with all applicable federal laws, regulation and policies. The Navy spends millions of dollars each year on research to better understand the potential effects of its activities on the environment to help ensure that Navy policy and compliance are based on real science.

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The Navy Wants Your Input

Public involvement is a fundamental part of the EIS/OEIS development and the Navy wants and appreciates your comments. Download the Final EIS/OEIS document. Navy has established several venues and informational resource areas for the public to learn more and provide input.